Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello humans...
Thousands years ago we born ...I guess...and since that time we are making a HUGE HUGE HUGE MISTAKE .We are trying to control this nature..which is insane.
We made many many many invention like fire , wheel, home, cloth, weapons, etc.
Actually the main IMPORTANT thing is these all the things are useless..and there was no need to do this.
Actually the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that there was NO NEED to use OUR MIND.
Because we, the Humans do not know how to use our mind.We used it into wrong things.
Things like we made houses ,we made vehicles, and everything we made.

What is development....I Think It is the way which goes to hell...

Why ...Why ...we need house when we can live in the trees and cave...
Why..we need food item when we can eat fruits from the trees..
Why we need to do anything when we can get everything from this nature..

I Know you hardly can understand my words...because you are humans..which do not care about nature ...not a bit.

But we should not forget this thing that we are here by the permission of nature..
Nature wants that we should live...
If we try to control our CONTROLLER ...I do not know what will happen...
So please stop now and move backward ..If you wants to go forward...

Actually I do not know much about English otherwise I will write all the things that are in my mind.

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